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What is Christian Counseling? 

Christian Counseling is a unique form of counseling that applies faith to the tenets of psychotherapy. I help you find joy in the journey by applying faith to your real-life challenges.  My approach to therapy is rooted in a biblical worldview of humanity which, upon your request, I integrate with sound research-based clinical practice and interventions. However,  I respect the right of other faith perspectives, and will work with you where you are at.  

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About Becky

Life is about the journey, not the destination.  That's my life motto.  Too often, we become so fixed on "arriving" at a destination that we miss the richness of the experience getting there. Looking back at my own roundabout path to becoming your counselor, I can say without hesitation that God has always been faithful to lead and help me through the twists and turns, the falls, the stops.  And the learning brought by my journey- at times, inflicted by the journey- has yielded a wealth of understanding for me to draw on when we sit together and talk about your own situation.   

my Approach

When counseling, I use an ask-don't tell approach. Rather than attempting to tell you what to do or what you need to change, I use powerful questions to probe your thoughts and beliefs about yourself and your relationships. These questions, without judgment,  help you to see and understand your options as we process together what's going on in your life.  I also use other counseling techniques uniquely tailored to assist you in reaching your own personal goals.  Our sessions are a safe place that preserves your trust and confidences, in which I help you transform your internal self and the way in which it interacts with the external world.    

My experience

I've led women's ministry, directed care ministry and provided biblical counseling in the local church.  I've worked with women desperate for solutions at a crisis pregnancy center.  Each position has taught me about how to help people transform their lives.  I've discovered my outgoing style and listening ear give me a natural ability to connect with people on a deep level from the very first meeting and a knack or intuition for ministering to people facing struggles and in need of hope.  Mostly, I've learned that my greatest desire is to help people find freedom and become exactly who God designed them to be. 

My education

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Counseling from Northwestern University in St. Paul, Minnesota,  and  a Master's Degree in Adlerian Psychotherapy from Adler Graduate school in Richfield, MN.   I am Licenced Associate in Marriage and Family therapist (LAMFT) and currently pursuing full licensure in Marriage & Family Therapy. I will practice under the supervision of a board certified supervisor until I am fully licensed.   


In my free time, I love a great cup of coffee, reading a good book on my front porch, cooking, biking, hiking and spending time with my husband, adult children, and amazing grandchildren.